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Are you ready to make inbound selling a reality?

Welcome to the A.B.C.D.E. sales & marketing system for creating inbound sales

You have many options for your inbound selling help:


$2,500 per month (90 days)

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There comes a point in time in your business when you understand in your soul, deep in your bones, in the very fiber of your being that it is better to pay more than you wanted than less than you should. If you've reached that point in your professional life, THE STRIDE is for you.

It gives you direct access to a dedicated inbound selling coach from The Sales Whisperer® team to plan, implement, monitor, test, adjust, and grow.

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$6,900 (30 days)

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Like THE STRIDETHE JOG is for you if you're ready to grow but you need professional inbound selling and marketing automation assistance sooner rather than later. This is a "bookend" support, training, and implementation package whereby we start with a 1/2 day virtual session, continue with multiple sessions during the week for four weeks, and conclude with another 1/2 virtual session at the conclusion. This is ideal if you are launching a new program or need help overhauling a major portion of your business, 

It gives you direct access to a dedicated inbound selling coach from The Sales Whisperer® team to plan, implement, monitor, test, adjust, and grow.

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$12,900 (2 days)

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Fifteen times—15x—faster, THE SPRINT is when you need live, in-person, concentrated, focused help for two straight days instead of virtual assistance over a month. It starts with a virtual planning session and concludes with two virtual checkup sessions with your dedicated inbound selling expert from The Sales Whisperer® team.

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$5,000 per month (12 months) {Slots extremely limited}

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If I gave you $2 or $3 or $5 or $20 for every $1 you gave me, how many $1 bills would you bring me today? As in right now? As in cancel your golf game, your massage, your Fantasy Football draft party, get on a plane, grab an Uber and get to my house asap?

That's what we offer with THE MARATHON.

THE MARATHON is for you when you realize:

  • You get what you pay for.
  • Good people are hard to find.
  • You don't retain an expert to swing the hammer because any minimum wage worker from a temp agency can swing a hammer. You retain an expert to know where to swing the hammer, and when to swing the hammer, and how often to swing the hammer, and to know whether to swing an upholstery hammer or a sledgehammer or a ball-peen hammer or a rubber mallet.
  • You and your business and what you sell to the world is subtle and nuanced and refined so finding your voice, forming that voice, and sharing that voice not only takes skill and patience, it takes time and persistence, consistency and congruency.

If you're ready to take over your world and be the dominant player in your niche by taking the time and effort to do so, THE MARATHON may be for you.

It gives you direct access to a dedicated inbound selling team of coaches from The Sales Whisperer® to take over the world.

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$197/mo (365-day money-back guarantee)

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In 2006 I invested $600 in a 12-week sales coaching program. It was 12 conference calls and a PDF workbook. No videos. No on-demand training. No private membership site. No templates. No boilerplate agreements. Just a great sales coach who offered insight, wisdom, and consistency. And it changed my life forever. If you'd like to cut 10-20 years off of your sales, sales management, and entrepreneurial learning curve, then this program is for you.

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Automate Your Sales. Live Your Life.

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Philippe and Natasha Brouillard of Montreal provide a testimonial for the sales and marketing automation training provided by Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®, which helped them save time, money, and effort, which will help them grow their sales.



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