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If You Can Follow Directions You Will Master How To Make Every Sale

Discover The Proven 5-Step Process I Have Used From Tijuana to Spokane, LA to Clearwater, Austin to Chicago Since 1997 In B2B, B2G, and B2C To Make Every Sale In High Tech, Real Estate, Financial Services, SaaS, Consulting, and Keynote Speaking.


If you'd rather be locked in a cage with a grizzly bear while wearing one of Lady Gaga's meat dresses than:

  • Throw more sh*t...stuff against the wall to see what sticks
  • Hear "I want to think it over"
  • Be told you need to "sharpen your pencil"
  • Have your manager tell you "it's a numbers game, Kiddo!"
  • Get shunted into voicemail instead of connected to the decision-maker
  • Leave the same old "just following up" voicemail message
  • Miss your sales quota again and have no idea why

All while putting in more hours, missing more family events, and otherwise stressing yourself out to near exhaustion... Then you've come to the right place, because You. Are. Not. Alone.

Create Your Own Sales Success System Fast

As soon as you sign up you'll have immediate access to:

  • 41 on-demand videos
  • 70+ page workbook with scripts, goal-planning, and more
  • The B.E.T.R.™ Prospecting Flowchart
  • The 8-page "Questions For Business Owners & Sales Managers"
  • "Prospecting The Sales Whisperer® Way"
  • "Handling Objections" PDF
  • Call Debriefing Sheet
  • Fax Memos (done right)
  • The Sales Whisperer® Weekly Tracking spreadsheet
  • My Statement of Work template
  • My Professional Services Agreement template
  • "Networking Icebreaker Questions"
  • "Process Before Login" worksheet
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Selected recorded calls from the Inner Circle advanced program
  • Templates, spreadsheets, boilerplate agreements, and more you can use right away to grow your sales

"Wes has become an integral part of our sales training. We met in 2009 and we have been working together ever since. His approach is very straight forward and has really helped my sales team and me gain more appointments, more commitments toward closing and of course more sales. I love when one of my sales people come in and say ‘I used one of Wes' tools today and it really worked!’ Thanks for all the help Wes, looking forward to next month!"

Laura Wrasman, Owner, Wedding Guide Chicago

Laura Wrasman has been a sales training client of Wes Schaeffer's since 2009.

"I have never considered myself a "salesperson" but the truth is that in order to run my companies I have to sell. This training has helped me become better at what I HAVE to do to continue to grow my business. I love the laid back style so I don't ever have to feel like I'm being push or over aggressive. Thanks for the course and especially fo the ongoing access to you. Whether it's sales or marketing, this is one of the best programs I have been in."

Sarah Laws, Laws Marketing Consulting, Phoenix, AZ

Sarah Laws loves the practical sales training advice of Wes Schaeffer.
Get professional sales training to make every sale from Wes Schaeffer.

My name is Wes Schaeffer. In 2006 I started The Sales Whisperer® because I was where you are.

After nearly a decade of making a good living in sales I had put together a better way to make sales faster, at higher margin, with less stress, and more fun.

So I put my money where my mouth was and jumped out on my own.

As the sole-breadwinner for a family of 9 there was no "faking it until I made it." I had a mortgage to pay for and mouths to feed.

Fast-forward over a decade later having helped thousands of sales people, entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales managers in 29 countries and what we created actually works and I can help you too.

No matter the niche, industry, country or what kinds of products, I can help you move the needle on your business.


Greg & Julie Alexander, Co-Founders of The Alexander House, San Antonio, TX

Philippe and Natasha Brouillard, Co-Founders Natasha Nutrition VI, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Who is this training for?

  • Small Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketers
  • Sales Professionals (inside and outside)
  • Sales Managers
  • And anyone that wants to improve their selling skills
Get professional sales training to make every sale, guaranteed.

Just imagine prospects coming to you qualified and excited to speak with you (or at least prepared to engage with you) in open and honest dialogue...
And they show up on time...
Without an attitude...
Without expecting a dog & pony show...
And they answer your questions...
And agree to the next steps without a bunch of games...
And you don't have to wine-and-dine them and waste a bunch of time—that is, unless you like drinking wine (I prefer whiskey) and dining (like my wife)—then knock yourself out and expense the heck out of it!

Learn how to sell:

  • with integrity
  • without using profanity
  • without being a hard closer

You do not have to be a lone wolf...you can make your family events and still hit your sales goals!


Let’s face it, online courses are great but what about when you have a question or new updated content that has been created along the way? That is why Make Every Sale the incredible sales success system includes live weekly calls so that you do not get stuck anywhere along the way.

The power of the group cannot be passed up either. With the online community you have access to different businesses which can help you see yourself and business in an entirely new light. With all different experience levels and products, you can leverage others in the program to gain powerful insight to your business.
Want to know the best part about this sales system?

You don't have to learn NLP or hypnosis or astrology or work a Oujia board.
Or memorize some pushy, awkward "talk track."
Or high five your neighbor.
Or rub their shoulders. (Yuck!)

So what's left for you to do?

Show up, listen, ask questions, engage, apply yourself, and ask more questions.
Ask questions in our live video calls.
Ask questions in our private group.
Text me your questions.
Email me your questions.
Commit to mastering the profession of sales and all of the above and more can be yours.

Sound good? Like Van Halen with David Lee Roth good?
Then it's time to sign up.

You can dip your toe in the water on the month-to-month option or really commit by signing up for the year and save two month's worth of membership dues.
(With my one year money-back guarantee you're wise to choose that route.)
And you don't need "the gift of gab" to succeed in the profession of sales.
Great salespeople are made, not born. You can take that to the bank!

Get Instant Access Now


Here's Everything You Get When You Join

Make every sale offers professional sales training to motivated sales people.

Receive Lifetime Access


Ivan Leger, LIFE Unleashed, AZ

Kingsley Offor, PlayData, Goodyear, AZ

Your 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get professional sales training to make every sale with Wes Schaeffer, guaranteed.

What you've done to get where you are won't get you where you want to go.
To get where you want to go will take more than one pep talk, two webinars, and three memes.
Growing into a sales Jedi will take months of small, consistent improvements. In other words, it takes WORK!

So here's where my RISK-FREE offer comes in to help you make an easy decision...
If you remain an ACTIVE member of the Make Every Sale program for one full year and don't grow and improve in any areas of your business—prospecting, networking, cold calling, overcoming objections, reaching decision makers, befriending gatekeepers, setting firm appointments, negotiation, closing, gathering referrals and testimonials—that give you a positive ROI on your investment in the group...

I'll refund every single penny to you.

You're getting access to my entire life's work in sales with your investment into this program.
It will take you some time to navigate the pre-recorded videos, the library of weekly live calls, the supplemental handouts in the private group, get comfortable with the interaction within the group, and start applying what you're learning.

Which is why I'm giving you a full 365 days with full, unlimited access to the material, the group, the live calls, templates, and handouts.

You won't find another program like this, with this much direct access to the founder in both the private group and ton of live, interactive calls with a money-back guarantee that lasts an entire year.
It's because few people walk their talk. Most are afraid to put their money where their mouths are.

The other "dirty little secret" is this:

If you're the type of person who will jump into a course with the intentions of stealing the material and free-loading for even a day, you'll file a chargeback and cause me all sorts of pain and grief online even if I had no guarantee and you grew your sales 1,000%.

So this guarantee helps win over the stealers and the moochers while helping you honest, hard-working sales people invest with confidence and relax.

When you relax, you learn better.
When you learn better, you perform better.
When you perform better, you make more sales.
When you make more sales, you win, I win, and everyone in the group that is learning with you and from you wins.
So relax.

Invest with confidence and let's grow together.

“You are practical, patient, no-nonsense, and have an amazing ability to get to the heart of the matter. As a direct result of working with you, I began to *see* what pieces of my marketing strategy needed to be put into place; and most importantly, in what order! I'd been trying to follow the advise of a lot of online marketers, but I was driving myself crazy implementing things that for which I simply wasn't prepared to follow through. We recommend you to anyone who...is serious about building a solid foundation for their business."

Sally Rubin, Founder, Park Rubin Media, San Francisco, CA

Sally Rubin has grown her sales with professional sales training from Wes Schaeffer.

“I would like to thank you for a giving our staff some rock solid training and truly "new" techniques in selling. I've sat in front of some of the best, from Tony Robbins to Tom Hopkins and I have to admit, I was skeptical. Boy was I mistaken. It was like you turned on a switch and through your entire presentation I was engaged. You made everyone laugh, you told pertinent jokes and you really brought it all together to align with our business specifically. It was definitely more than your typical hype and motivation. It really was a full session of new and dynamic techniques that our staff has put into place and as a result we have already seen an increase in sales."

Tina Finn, Author, Consultant

Tina Finn's team made more sales with Wes Schaeffer and his professional sales training.