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 Selling Is Hard.

Whoever told you selling is easy is the reason you're struggling.

 The jackass who told you selling is easy is a LIAR!

He didn't have the guts to tell you the truth.

He over-promised and under-delivered.

He wasted your time and your money, which sucks.

But what's inexcusable is that he chipped away at your confidence, and he should be punched in the face for that...or at least put into a rear naked choke and put to sleep long enough to get some embarrassing pictures of him to post onto Twitter and Instagram.


How do I know your confidence took a hit?


Because you're reading this page now.

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure...you may be the most successful salesperson in the history of the world.

You may be in your private limousine on the way to your private jet on the way to your private island and your butler is reading this to you while your assistant feeds you grapes and your videographer livestreams this to FaceTube and YouBook while you dissect why this page sucks or doesn't suck.

But if your confidence did take a hit, please read on...


You know what else was hard?


Learning to ride a bike was hard.

But once you learned you never forgot.

But you got TORN UP learning how to ride at first.


You cried.

You fell down.

 You bled a little.

You quit a few times.


Your dad yelled.

Your mom gave you a lemonade.


Then you figured it out and were off down the neighborhood and never looked back.


But that was a long time ago, wasn't it?

That doesn't apply to you, right? 

Are you tinkering with technology or converting clients?