Get these proven Campaigns—both with custom content and clear instructions on how to modify them for your style and audience—published right into your own application almost immediately.

These are Campaigns I have created and use personally to create my own inbound sales.

They are based on what I've proven to work after being in sales since 1997 and a Keap Certified Partner since 2008.

Order one or both of the following:

Longterm Nurture Campaign (Just $499)

  • Send interesting, non-salesy, non-pushy messages to your list every month to remain top-of-mind with them so they come back to you when they are ready to buy.
    "I am very happy with the long term nurture campaign."
    ~Attorney Thomas Geygan, Jr

Sales Pipeline Campaign (Just $499)

  • Work your leads from new prospects to happy clients and know exactly where every lead is in your funnel. Out of the 1,000+ Keap Certified Partners in the world, few have a sales-centric background, and even fewer have a sales training background, so most have literally never used the Opportunity module inside of Keap since passing their certification test. But if you have a complex sales cycle, you NEED a CRM with a Pipeline to stay on top of things. This campaign helps you do that better than any other.