Whisper Flash Cards

Objections are predictable and easy to overcome—and even prevent—if you follow these steps... 

With these Sales Training Flash Cards on your desk you will master…

  • The “Columbo” reply and why your skills, knowledge and expertise is hurting your sales. Pay attention to this and you’ll do great. Ignore it and you’re hosed.
  • How to leverage “Third Party” stories to help you sell through the credentials of your past successful clients.
  • The “1 to 10″ reply you can use to gauge where you stand with a prospect and how to get them to tell you how to engage and sell them! 

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1991 and have successfully sold everything from financial services at the kitchen table to 7-figure technology deals to the likes of Google.

Since 2006 I've owned The Sales Whisperer® to put food on the table for a family of nine, so I not only practice what I preach, but what I preach is current and working today, right now, right this very moment.

So enjoy the free report you just downloaded and arm yourself with this quite affordable tool that will help you sell more immediately.

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