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From the desk of: Wes Schaeffer, a.k.a., The Sales Whisperer®

If you were arrested for being an entrepreneur, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Sure, you’re on Twitter and you reply to 5 LinkedIn groups regularly, and once, six quarters ago—or was it three years ago?—you actually sent some hand-written cards to 11 of your top prospects. Yeah, yeah the actual list was 87…but we all know direct mail doesn’t work, right? Besides, who opens snail mail any more, huh?

Dabblers Die Demeaning Deaths

Look: nobody was ever written about or had their lives portrayed on the big screen or has been invited to speak at a major conference who spent their life DABBLING!

So why are you still dabbling?

Because you don’t have the money?

Because the boss won’t support you?

Because you have a numskull for a partner? (Well who chose him as a partner?)

Because your spouse won’t let you “really market” like you “need to”?

Because your girlfriend thinks it’s a bad idea? (How big is her bank account? And how did she make her money?)

Because you haven’t found your niche, or your “voice,” or you haven’t “figured out the market,” yet?

Is it Google’s fault because they DID THEIR JOB?

Is it Facebook’s fault?

Maybe your shopping cart broke.

Or you heard that PayPal holds on to people’s money sometimes so you’re waiting to setup a new merchant account.

Maybe the neighbor who always bought candy bars from everyone during the junior high fund raiser each year didn’t buy from you when you were in 7th grade so you’re convinced YOU SUCK AT SELLING.

Maybe selling is dead and the only people that will make money in the new economy are app developers…or podcasters…or reality TV stars.

Here’s Your Silver Bullet…

…It’s hidden behind a rusted shovel with a dry-rotted wooden handle that will create a hotspot on your sensitive, mani-pedi hands within the first 90 seconds of actually using it. Five minutes later your hands will chafe and you’ll feel a twinge in your back.

Before 8 minutes have passed your first full-on blister will have appeared and just two minutes later that blister will pop.

Before 16 minutes have passed in this new “labor of love,” you’ll be bleeding from two spots on your hands—if you’re lucky—and then…you…remember…the 10,000 hour mastery rule and it’s time for a gut check…and time to see if you have what it takes to use this silver bullet of advice…

If You Don’t Piss Someone Off By Noon You’re Not Marketing

It sounds cute the way being a Navy SEAL sounds cool…until you’re cold, wet, sandy, and some spineless, penny-pinching, pasty punk with a 5-year old desktop sitting in his parent’s basement flames you on Yelp, on Twitter, and your Fan Page for being a snake oil salesman just in it for the money, a charlatan fraud.

But they’re not done. They not only want their money back, they file a chargeback rather than go through the normal, human-being process of simply asking.

But that’s not all. Because they have a free Wordpress blog and YouTube account, they make a video about you and SEO the snot out of 500-word blog post and they tell the world what a dirtbag waste of oxygen you are.

And then…they buy from your competitor—who charges twice as much as you and delivers half the value—and they return to that same blog and YouTube channel and write a detailed comparison piece on why everyone should buy from your competitor than you.

Finally…just to make sure you’ve “felt their wrath,” they ship your product back, in a C.O.D. box, made out to a four-letter word and your last name, and you have to pay for the shipping to receive your mutilated labor of love back, and then you stare at it and wonder “am I that bad?”…”is he that sad?”…”do I throw this away?”…”do I keep it to remind me to do better?”…or…

Do I Quit?

Contrary to the beliefs of those on the sideline getting their mani-pedis while sipping sparkling drinks while watching QVC, the objective of war is not the total annihilation of your enemy. No. The objective of war is to take away your enemy’s will to fight. It’s to get them to surrender.

The objective of The Market Like A Man program is to see to it that regardless of the number of blisters and cramps and cuts and aches and broken bones and sleepless nights and chargebacks and empty webinars and refund requests that you DO…NOT…QUIT.

The #1 Way To Success


It really is that simple…but it’s not easy. That’s why we made The Market Like A Man program. We won’t guarantee that a certain email campaign or Facebook ad or trade show booth will work, but we have created and helped create countless successful email campaigns, Facebook ads, webinars, and trade show booths that have worked and we’ll share them with you.

We’ll critique what you are creating. We’ll accelerate your time to launch, reduce your time to test, hold out a helpful hand when you’ve been knocked down, and buy the first round when you succeed.

Here's what you get with your membership:

  • Private, unlimited access to Wes via a private networking group.
  • Live training calls/webinars.
  • Live Q&A sessions.
  • Bonuses and Secrets we will send you along the way...

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