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Free, Live, Unscripted Discussion On Sales, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Whisk(e)y, Raising 7 Kids, The Air Force, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Gold, Guns, Bitcoin, Why I Swim 3.1 Miles Across Tampa Bay Every January,...and Whatever You'd Like To Discuss, Such As...

  • The Proven Sales Success System To Hit Your Quota This Quarter

  • How To Set Firm Appointments

  • Why I Say "Life's Too Short For Follow-Up Calls"

  • How To Connect and Sell During COVID-19

  • How To Sell During The Holidays

  • How To Connect With Decision Makers

  • How To Apply The A.B.C.D.E. Sales & Marketing System™

  • What The B.E.T.T.R.™ Prospecting Program Stands For (and What New Letters Are Being Added)

  • The Free & Low-Cost Technology Hacks I've Used For YEARS To Sell More From My iPhone Than You Can From Your Laptop

  • The Solution To Stop Missing Family Events And Stressing Out About Your Sales Numbers

  • The Sales Success Secrets I've Learned From Over 470 Episodes of The Sales Podcast Since 2013 Whose Guests Include Dozens of NYT Best Selling Authors, Millionaires, Entrepreneurs That Have Had 9-Figure Exits, and Even Three Participants In Donald Trump's "The Apprentice," Including One Winner!

  • How to CONFIDENTLY HIT YOUR SALES GOALS without sacrificing your sanity or selling your soul!


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