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Go From Nervous & Unsure To Confidently Connecting With Decision-Makers at Every Level

This is the exact system I have taught to thousands of salespeople and have applied myself to grow as a W2 salesperson and as an entrepreneur.

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Focus is the new black.

Yes, AI and chatbots and Instagram stories and retargeting pixels and LinkedIn Navigator can be good and can be leveraged to grow your sales, but let me ask you something...

  • How good are you on the phone with a qualified prospect?
  • How good are you in person with a prospect that might be qualified?
  • How good are your emails?
  • How do you handle proposal requests?
  • How do you reach decision-makers?
  • How good are you at setting firm appointments with decision-makers with a clear, mutually agreed upon agenda?

Selling has changed, but the humans to whom we sell have not.

Knowing how to sell like a professional will help you write better ads, run better re-targeting pixels, build better email sequences, and whatever else comes your way in today's noisy, fractured, distrustful world.

It's like learning long division and multiplication before you start using a calculator.

Sure, it's nice to have a calculator, and it makes you more efficient, but if you don't know the fundamentals, you're just banging on keys.

Regardless of who is President, what the price of oil is, and if interest rates are up or down, professional salespeople will always be in demand.

Learn how to create demand, be in demand, and close on demand with this online program.

With your purchase today, you'll immediately receive:

  • 41 professional videos you can watch on-demand
  • An autographed copy of my new book, "The Sales Whisperer® Way."
  • "The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling"
  • "Making Good Money In Bad Times.
  • The Sales Whisperer Way Front Compressed70+ page workbook with scripts, goal-planning, and more
  • The B.E.T.R.™ Prospecting Flowchart
  • The 8-page "Questions For Business Owners & Sales Managers"
  • "Prospecting The Sales Whisperer® Way"
  • "Handling Objections" PDF
  • Call Debriefing Sheet
  • Fax Memos (done right)
  • The Sales Whisperer® Weekly Tracking spreadsheet
  • My Statement of Work template
  • My Professional Services Agreement Template
  • "Networking Icebreaker Questions"
  • "Process Before Login" worksheet
  • A private group to ask your questions any time and get the help you need when you need it.
  • Templates, spreadsheets, boilerplate agreements, and more you can use right away to grow your sales

Plus, a constantly-updated workbook, templates, boilerplate agreements for closing deals, goal-setting and tracking sheets, and more.

It's all waiting for you when you click the button below.

10 Reasons Why You Think You Shouldn't Join

  1. NO TIME
    —80% of interruptions at work are considered trivial
    —The average employee checks their email 36 times per hour and switches between tasks every three minutes
    —50% of your meetings are wasted time
    —You waste 31 hours in meetings per month
    The average American spends 3.1 hours per day streaming video, per Forbes Home.
    An average user spends 2 hours and 31 minutes daily on social media. Half of our time on our phones in 2022 was reserved for social media.
    —How long has it been that you haven't had money to invest in yourself?
    —How long will you tolerate that?
    —What will you implement today to change that?
    —If not me, who?
    —If not this, what?
    —If not now, when?
    AI is changing the game, which is why I've had several AI founders on The Sales Podcast and The CRM Sushi Podcast, but people are people, and people like to interact and engage with PROFESSIONAL salespeople.
    —How professional are you, and are you telling me that some geeks in Silicon Valley or Romania or China can create an avatar that can more readily and successfully build trust and rapport with your prospects?
    E-commerce sales in the first quarter of 2023 accounted for 15.1 percent of total sales.
    —That means the vast majority of all sales around the world will need human assistance of some sort for decades to come.
    Great marketing makes selling easy. Great selling makes great marketing possible.
    —Be happy if your company has great marketing. It will make it easier than ever for you to make a lot of money as a professional salesperson.
    —See above.
    Then why have you read this far?
    —But I get it. I don't like old-school, high-pressure, cheesy, gimmicky sales, either.
    —The reality is we're literally surrounded by sales and the effect of sales, including the computer or smartphone you're using to read this, the chair or couch upon which you are sitting, and the electricity and internet access you're using to power your devices.
    —Learn to master the art of selling or be mastered by those who have.
    Does it feel unnatural to see Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible" or Taylor Swift on stage or Cirque de Soleil flying through the air? (Okay, that last one is a bit unnatural.)
    —What are they all doing? Following a script.
    —We all follow scripts: "Hi, how are you? Fine. How are you? Fine, thanks for asking. How's the weather? Oh, pretty nice for once. Did you catch the game?..."
    —How good are your scripts? You're betting your paycheck that they are fantastic, amazing, wonderful, effing PERFECT, i.e., can't be improved, so, for your family's sake, I hope you're right.
    Yes, there are plenty of pushy, greedy salespeople in sales who think they're not following a script...and because you sound just like them with your same "non-script script," your prospects can't tell the honest, helpful salespeople (YOU) from the snakes, so they either beat you down on your price, buy from the snakes and are disappointed, or don't buy at all and end up suffering without your solution.
    —You owe it to the public you say you serve to improve your ability to stand out amongst the noise and confusion of the shady salespeople out there.
    —Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, said, "If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near."
    —Work ethic trumps talent Every. Single. Time.

Just Some of the Topics Covered In This Program

  1. The one thing that's more important than motivation to make every sale.
  2. How to finally set and stick to your goals.
  3. What it means to have a 90-day year.
  4. Why you must make every sale to make any sale.
  5. Why you do not have a traffic problem and what to do about it.
  6. Why the funnel is a limited view of how to grow your sales.
  7. Why the pipeline is a limited view of how to grow your sales.
  8. The importance of a stick sequence and how to add it to your sales process.
  9. Why CRMs are dead.
  10. How to write powerful, clear copy that converts.
  11. How to identify the buying style of your prospect so you can sell the way they like to buy.
  12. Negotiation tactics professional buyers use to wear you down and rob you blind.
  13. Why funny salespeople don't make quota.
  14. How and why to use more humor in your marketing. (I know what I just said above, and this is not a typo.)
  15. How to reach the most senior executives in your ideal target companies.
  16. Why you need a list of ideal target companies.
  17. How to lock in your prospects to make a commitment with no resistance.
  18. How to stop giving proposals.
  19. How to close 98% of your proposals. (I know what I just said above, and this is not a typo.)
  20. How to write a book fast to stand out from the competition.Wes NBC KSEE Fresno 1
  21. How to launch a podcast fast to stand out from the competition.
  22. How to do a podcast and not sound like a dork so you can stand out from the competition.
  23. How to find good people to do your grunt work for pennies on the dollar so you can focus on making money.
  24. How to get interviewed on TV to build your brand.

It's so affordable to enroll in The Make Every Sale On-Demand program with lifetime access to the material as well as access to our private community (The Implementors), where you can ask questions and engage at any time. 

You also receive lifetime access to the 41 videos, 70+ page workbook, two CDs, and supplemental handouts.

Now the choice is yours. Do you want in?