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Welcome to
The Gorillas of Growth

Why gorillas?

Why not?

Gorillas are powerful.

They are chill.

They are confident.

They don't care what others think about them.

They treat others well.

They want to be left alone to do their thing.

They are lovable...as long as you don't mistreat or threaten them.

And the "G.O.G." sounds good! (Sidebar: that type of alliteration or mnemonic aids with attention-getting and memory recall, which is just one of the 1,732—or 1,733?—things we'll discuss during our time together to help you grow your sales. Now back to the G.O.G.)

In the summer of 2021, a tech company paid me a chunk of cash to train their sales reps, so I made up this name and logo, and we ran with it, and everyone loved it.

The training was based on the methods, tactics, and strategies I've been using since 1997 and teaching since 2006. The name and logo just made it catchy and fun.

Now I'm opening the G.O.G. to you.

Who do I think you are?

  • A professional salesperson, sales manager, business owner, or entrepreneur.
  • You want—or need—to sell more, faster, at higher margin, with less stress, more predictably.
  • You don't want to hustle your face off or grind for every dollar you make.
  • You want a system that has been proven...
      • Over multiple boom and bust economies
      • Across the nation and even the world
      • In many industries, such as high-tech, financial services, manufacturing, and government
      • In person, remotely, and hybrid
      • At trade shows, webinars, or door-to-door
      • In complex, strategic sales or fast-moving, tactical sales
  • You also don't want to be forced to...
      • Memorize cheesy, gimmicky, high-pressure scripts or lines
      • Implement expensive, complex software suites
      • Keep enrolling in more expensive groups as an upsell to "get the real secrets"
  • You just want to learn from and network with good people, professionals, who are motivated, generous, and willing to share what is working and not working day in and day out without any hidden agendas or expectations
  • In other words, you want to just chill...like a gorilla...as you own your space...as the expert in your niche...so you can speak softly and carry a big stick.

You get all of that and more in this program/group/community.

You Get All of These Sales, Marketing, & Growth Tools, Resources, & Programs

Make Every Sale
12 Weeks To Peak Logo
CRM Sushi Orange Octopus Logo
The Sales Podcast bw logo

Use My 25 Years To Save You Decades

In 1997 I left the Air Force to become a commissioned salesperson.

In late 2006 I started training people on what I knew.

The picture on the right is from the first one-day live workshop I did in July of 2007 here in SoCal.

Since then, I've helped thousands of professionals in at least 28 countries sell more, faster, at higher margin, with less stress, more predictably, and I can help you do the same.

2007 July Jumpstart sales graduates

Which of These Sound Like You?

It's common for professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to struggle with all of these to one degree or another...

Professional Salesperson

You're making good money, but working too hard for it, and not making as much as you could if you had proven systems, processes, and coaching to take your sales game to the next level.

Executive/Sales Leader

Maybe you got thrown into your current role. Maybe you aspired to be where you are, but now you're thinking, "WTH? There has to be a better way." You're right. There is. Help is on the way.


You're good at what you do—probably the best in your field, if not the world—but you're not getting paid what you're worth, despite the endless demand for someone with your skills.


You have your arms around something...but you're not sure if you're leading it, or it's dragging you down, and you need an experienced mentor.


Get full access to the training, community, and live weekly calls.

  • Live weekly interactive calls
  • The Make Every Sale Program
  • "The Sales Whisperer® Way" book
  • Private community for daily interaction and support

$995/ quarter



Save $1,000 when you invest in yourself for a year.

  • Everything in the quarterly membership
  • One 25-min call per quarter with me

$2,980/ year



Frequently Asked & Should Ask Question

[fa icon="plus-square"] Are there refunds?
You may cancel the quarterly or annual membership at any time...but you won't get a refund. I mean, if and can't provide food for your family and need this membership refunded to avoid being evicted...you should probably stay plugged in and learn how to sell your way out of that mess, which I'll help you do...but you gotta show up and do the work.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What is the on-demand content?
The Make Every Sale Program is a 41-video set + workbook you get immediate access to so you can listen while you drive or take notes at home before a big call, etc. You can ask questions in the community and on our live weekly calls, and I'll help you personalize the resources to make them your own so you can make every sale.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Will this work in my industry?
Yes. "But you don't know me or my..." Stop. Right. There. I know you're a human, and you're selling to humans, so I can help you in this program. I've sold financial services as a licensed stock broker with my insurance license. I've sold mobile homes. I've sold 7-figures in tech services to Google at their HQ in Mountain View, CA. I've sold $635,000 in training to Dell. I've sold SaaS from home since 2008, which was way before this whole WFH thing was a thing. I've trained photographers, realtors, mortgage brokers, laser eye surgeons, video producers, transcriptionists, web designers, B2B, B2G, dryer vent cleaners, and probably 1,000 other "unique" niches, and they've all grown as a result. You will, too, if you show up, plug in, apply what you learn, ask questions, and take massive action.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What's up with the live calls?
Every week we hop on a live, interactive video call for an hour to share what's working, what isn't, take your questions, and help you get the most out of the resources I've given you to make every sale.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Is this some mega group and I'm just a number?
Do you want part of the truth? Part of me wants to have tens of thousands of members and I fly private everywhere and make so much money from this that I never even know who comes and goes. Do you want to know the other part of the truth? I've made a lot of money selling SaaS and doing private consulting for thriving businesses, so I've never really promoted this program, so it's still small. I'm starting to promote it now at the end of 2022 because I love teaching/training and I am great at helping people in the moment, so I love the live calls and answering questions in the group to help you win. So the earlier you join, the more semi-private help you'll get from me. Private clients pay at least $3,500/mo for 90 days then go to an annual contract just to have a few calls with me each month, so you pay less in a year than they pay in a month and it's the same me answering the same questions, albeit, in a group setting vs. private.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Why is the sky blue?
It's called Rayleigh scattering. (Trust me on this...and everything else I write here...but on this topic, I was a meteorologist in the Air Force, so you can take this answer to the bank...along with every other answer I give you...but I'm becoming redundant. Just join me, and let's start selling together.)

Let's Get This Party Started

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