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You're tired of working hard to barely move ahead.

You're tired of being told that it will "take time" to grow your sales because it's "complicated," "nuanced," and "there are a lot of moving parts that must fit in just right."

You don't need long-term contracts, never-ending Zoom meetings, a new website, a new logo, and 15% of your marketing budget paid to a faceless agency that is hard to reach once the honeymoon ends.

I know what you're thinking:

Oh yeah, Wes!? That's the way it has always been done. What are you, some kind of a magician?"


Yes, I am, in much the same way a chef with 26 years of experience is a magician for knowing exactly how to prepare an award-winning meal in 45 minutes that you couldn't do in 45 hours.

Hint: Knowing what to leave on the chopping block is just as important as knowing what to keep.

We'll silence the noise, find your voice, clarify your offer, and set you up to shout it to the world in such a way that the world comes running to you, begging you to take their money.

You’ll get all of this done in a single day, but you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

Let's do this!

"Our retainers have increased from between $175k-$200k per month to $250,000 per month within 90 days thanks to your training."

Zach Smith
President, Funded Today

How This Works?

You Arrive & Jump Into a Limo

When you arrive at the San Diego airport, I’ll have a limo driver hanging out in the baggage claim area holding a sign with your name on it. He'll grab your bags and drive you to your hotel (also paid for).

I Show Up w/Breakfast Burritos, Juice, & Coffee

You'll need to get up and get going (this ain’t a vacation!) because I'll be at your hotel by 8 am with breakfast. We'll eat in one of the hotel conference rooms as we discuss your plan to take over the world.

Reveal Who You Really Are & Why The World Should Care

With the coffee and creative juices flowing, we’ll figure out who the hell you are and why the world needs to know your name.

Why do we start here?

Because if you don’t know and believe who you are, anything else you do in regard to your sales and marketing efforts is just putting lipstick on a pig.

Craft Your Powerful Message

Once we know who you are, we’ll stick with the whiteboard and create your powerful messaging that your ideal prospects can’t ignore.

It will be your siren song that attracts your lost and wayward prospects like the sailors drawn to the mermaids of the deep.

You’ll participate with me in forming this clear, concise communication for your customers.

This block is crucial.

It's the foundation of all of your opening and closing messaging for the year.

I Create Your Talk Tracts

Before we bring in lunch, we'll discuss which messaging platforms are best for you.

Then you'll watch over my shoulder as I use my 26+ years of sales and marketing experience to write your calling, voicemail, email, and SMS scripts for receptionists, executive assistants, and decision-makers.

Lunch Brought In

If you left after lunch, you’d still have a positive ROI within two weeks.

But once the day is done, and you see the assets, processes, and insight into your business you now possess, you’ll know this is the smartest investment you ever made.

(And, of course, I’m picking up lunch. :-)


As we work through lunch and refine your messaging and goals, it’s time to plug everything into your sales tools.

Having used dozens of CRMs since 2000, I know my way around a lot of them, but if you have something unique—or if you don’t yet have a sales and marketing automation platform you like—we’ll work with what you have, i.e., G-Suite, Outlook, etc., or I’ll help you quickly get up and running on one of several free/low- cost platforms I work with to get you on your way to automating, integrating, and dominating your field.

Goodbye Blinking Cursor Session

Content is still king, and prospects have long attention spans...for interesting content.

So before we call it a day, I’ll show you how to create compelling content quickly and easily to get free, qualified traffic to your site and how to convert those visitors into warm leads.

But that’s not all.

You’ll also leave knowing how to write your stand-apart-from-the-competition book to become the only logical choice in your industry.

Not only is it easier and more affordable than you thought, but you’ll also become a better, more confident marketer, salesperson, entrepreneur, and leader as a result.

Fill In The Gaps

Before we call it a day, you can ask me anything, and I’ll review whatever we haven’t covered that you think needs our attention, be it your website, blog, and landing page designs, SEO, sales hiring, proposal templates, negotiation tactics, mindset, or just a review of everything we’ve done during the course of the day so you go home confident, optimistic, and loaded for bear.


Your Peers Will Be Green With Envy And Will Be Bribing You With Free Drinks, Golf, And Dinner To Share Even A Nugget Of How You Were Able To Create Such Massive Results From Everything We Setup In Your Power Day

"Before I even got home, I did what you taught. As a result, I have doubled my membership numbers...I raised prices on my planner (423%) and it’s now my best-selling product."

Tabitha Day Philen

Why Hire Me?


the-sales-podcast-wes-bannerI jumped into sales in late 1997 after completing my five-year commitment to the Air Force upon graduation from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.

With a wife, an infant son, and another son on the way, I didn’t have time to dabble or experiment.

I had to produce results fast.

My commission check for January 1999 was $20,000 for the month, and that’s when I knew I knew how to sell.

In 2006 bought the URL, TheSalesWhisperer.com and began the transition into being a business owner helping professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs sell more, faster, at higher margins, with less stress, and more predictably.

In 2008 I became an Infusionsoft (Keap) partner and created automation for myself and thousands of customers around the world. (At least 2,355 in 29 countries at last count.)

In 2012, I wrote a book on Infusionsoft and was their partner of the year in 2013.

In 2014 I became a HubSpot partner—I’m currently a Gold Certified Partner with them—as well as an Ontraport partner.

Also, in 2014, I wrote my second book, The Sales Whisperer® Way, which has led to speaking and consulting gigs around the world.

Keap brought me in to consult on their first Implementation Acceleration back in 2011, and since then, I’ve helped dozens of businesses in dozens of industries, including high-end photography, real estate, laser eye centers, chiropractors, asbestos remediation training, fitness centers, financial services, and enterprise SaaS sales, in everything from B2B, B2G, and B2C.

What I teach and practice works in good economies and bad, in one-call-close and complex sales because I work at the core of human nature, which is more powerful, predictable, and steadier.

There Is No Delete Button On The Interwebs. So Look Me Up On Social Media, Your Favorite Search Engine, Etc. You’ll Like What You Find.

"In 87 days we added 22 new students to our preschool, which will add over $250,000 to our bottom line each year and we now have a waiting list to enroll. Thank you, Wes."

Kevin Patrick
Owner, A Child’s Academy

Here’s Everything You’re Getting...


  • Hotel & Limo
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Full-day hands-on session
  • Eternal content marketing strategy
  • The outline of your next book and a plan to get it out to the world fast!
  • Introductions to my vetted experts for any ongoing technical, design, media buying, SEO, or other needs we may uncover

You’ll go home after this full day with the strategy and the tactics, the vision, and the know-how to set larger sales goals and hit them faster than you ever have.

This includes your phone scripts, social media marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, technology tips and tricks to save time and leverage what you already have, negotiation, ERYTHANG!

You’ve Never Seen a More Complete and Effective Day Offered Anywhere At Any Price
But Wait! There's More


  • Three (3) 90-minute sessions with me over the following 90 days to strategize, make new goals, or review the new things you have created.
  • Duplicates of any of my key templates for phone scripts, setting sales agendas, hiring top sales talent, closing bigger proposals faster, sales pipelines, and drip nurturing sequences.
  • Recordings of our time together so you can review what we discussed for months or even years to come, such as how I approach sales and marketing, phone scripts, role-playing, our Q&A, etc.
  • 50% off my 12-month consulting should you decide that you want me in your corner all year long.
    (You must select this option and make the first payment before the day ends.)

These bonuses have been collated and offered as strategic additions that ensure your success far beyond our day together.

You will return to your office with the fundamentals in place to have your quarter ever—and probably your best year—ever.

What’s It Worth To You To Have Your Best Year, Ever?

If you are ready to grow, our time together will enable you to have your best year ever.

And when I say best, some clients define that as making more sales.

Others define it as growing their bottom-line revenue.

Others define it as making the same amount of money but working 10-20-50% less.

While some define it as combining all of the above.

Regardless of how you define it, you can have everything listed above for less than you'd spend taking one or two of your staff to one of your regular conferences that might turn into one or two clients...eventually...if you're luck.

You get all the limo, lodging, good food, our focused time together, and all the bonuses for an affordable, single investment.

Other clients who have done a full day with me have enjoyed it so much that they decided to retain my ongoing consulting.

You'll love our time together, and by lunch, you will know that it was a great investment.

Click Here To Have Your Best Day Ever


"We have had the busiest March since we started our business over 20 years ago. Tuesday of this week we had to park cars on the public street because I didn't have any room on our lot. I just finished measuring our gross sales...up 27% over the previous year...I can tell you a growing number of First Time Customers have come in telling me they found our shop by searching the internet. Since I haven't done much on my end to increase our internet exposure I must give the credit to Wes. Thanks, Wes for doing such a great job!!"

Keith Greene
Owner, Old Town Tire & Service

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