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Focus and Grow With The Sales Whisperer®

Philippe and Natasha Brouillard of Montreal loved the sales and marketing automation training they received from me because it helped them save time, money, and effort, which will help them grow their sales.

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The Dig Deep Program is your selling, marketing, copywriting, strategizing, flow-charting, brainstorming, up-selling, cross-selling, automating, segmenting, affiliating private coaching to get you where you know you need and deserve to be.

Together, you and I dig deep into your thinking, your processes, your habits, your routines, your staff, and yourself to grow.

RJ Palano is a successful real estate investor but is hands-off when it comes to technology. Wes Schaeffer was able to break things down into an easy-to-understand concept so he could publish his book to the world to help grow his foundation, which is his passion.

Dear Wes,

Once I was on a panel of external facilitators charged with ranking candidates from a variety of UN agencies according to our willingness to work with them in the future. There were 3 categories.

  1. No way, never

  2. Under certain circumstances.

  3. Any place, any time.

If Infusionsoft asked the same question about you, my answer would be #3. Thanks so much for all your help.”

Beatrice Briggs, Director – International Institute for Facilitation and Change

If you are ready to revolutionize your business and maximize your sales by identifying, naming, and removing all doubts and obstacles that have kept you from reaching your full potential, then the Dig Deep Private Coaching Program is for you.

I, Wes Schaeffer, am The Sales Whisperer® and leader of the Dig Deep Private Coaching Program.

Since 1997 I've provided for my family as a commissioned-salesperson. Since 2006 I've owned The Sales Whisperer® and have helped over 2,355 entrepreneurs on five continents grow their sales.

But time does not make one an expert.

Time and implementation does.

As such I've become a sought-after sales, marketing, and systems consultant because I practice what I preach and I get results.

That is why expert marketers like Amy Porterfield and Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income (that's Pat, Amy, and me below) have called on my team and me to help them both with their own CRMs and marketing automation.

Pat Flynn Amy Porterfield Infusionsoft Consultant Wes Schaeffer
Over the years I've worked behind-the-scenes with entrepreneur superstars like Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income fame, and Amy Porterfield, optimize their sales and marketing automation.


We paid Wes $4,500 and he added $250,000 to our annual sales in 87 days.
 - Kevin and Becky Patrick, Owner of A Child’s Academy, Gainesville, FL

To get started with the application process simply click the link below.


Grow like you know you can with private access to me to get your toughest sales, marketing, and motivation questions answered once and for all.

Over 2,355 entrepreneurs helped in 29 countries–and growing.

Converted 75% of the Room

Greg & Julie Alexander run a non-profit called The Alexander House
Wanted to launch a for-profit coaching program
Book sales were not producing the revenue they needed
Opt-ins at speaking engagements were anemic
Converted 75% of the room—114 opt-ins—at their first event
Obtained 9 emotional video testimonials to help them market future events and programs

Raised Prices & Leads Exploded

Alycia Wicker's interior design coaching program had stalled
Website opt-ins increased 383% the first month
Website opt-ins remained over 300% the second month and beyond
Raised prices on various products up to 1,000%
Streamlined & simplified her product offerings
Raised prices on her membership program 231%
Membership launch resulted in 54% growth in membership during the first 72 hours
New recurring monthly membership income put an extra $22,000 in her pocket

Daycare Added $250k To Their Bottom Line

Kevin & Becky Patrick Increased Wordpress website rankings
Increased opt-ins
Increased referrals
Streamlined toursReduced disruptions in the classrooms
Increased security on the campus
Created competition among parents
Filled 22 vacant spots
Added $250,000 to their annual bottom line
All done within 87 days

Look here. I get it. You're successful. At least to most outsiders you are. You drive a nice car. You eat out. You travel from time to time. You even have a little set aside for both a rainy day and even for the makings of a decent retirement, whenever that day comes.

But you know things aren't as easy as they should be.

Sure, you’ve been to all the big conferences.
You read the blog posts of the influencers.
You listen to the podcasts of the big players.
You read the books of the latest and greatest.

Heck, you even paid (at least) one of the gurus for a complete marketing makeover that you’re embarrassed to admit didn’t quite produce the results you were hoping for…or were promised.

So you struggle. You stress. You research. You read. You tweak. You worry that you’ll be “found out.” That people will call you a fake. A sham. A phony. Or at least they’ll say “you’re not all that.”

Which drives you to push yourself harder. To stay up later. To consume more Starbuck’s. To skip more family events. To delay more family vacations.


May I let you in on a few little secrets?

You’re not alone.

You’re not the first to feel this way.

And this hamster wheel feeling is not all your fault.

Building a business of SIGNIFICANCE that runs smoothly, that runs automatically, that runs predictably is a lot of work. A LOT!


Dr Mulikat A Adetosoye Houston Flood

Which is why you are wise to get a fresh set of eyes to review what is working and what isn't in your business.

And as you can see above, the fears, the uncertainties, the doubts...are all things I've endured and defeated, so I know where you're coming from.
If you are ready for a ruthlessly-pragmatic fellow entrepreneur to dig deep into your business and give you direct, honest, effective feedback on how to get to the next level, then you've come to the right place.
Since starting my business in 2006, I have personally helped solo-preneurs, small businesses, and even large enterprises sell more, faster, at higher margin, with less stress, and even have fun while they do it.
And from the examples you see above, my principles and processes apply across any business, anywhere, in any market, in any economy.

Ready to grow your sales? There's just one thing...

Like you, I only have 24 hours in the day, and I built my business so I don't have to work all 24 of them! Not only do I have a weekly, live, group coaching call, I run an elite mastermind, coach a small, hand-selected group of clients, produce two podcasts, speak around the world, and last, but not least, I also have a large family including a wife of 23 years, seven kids, a crazy dog, and believe it or not I enjoy spending as much time with them as possible.

Which is why I know you're not surprised to learn that there is a premium on my time.

Here are the criteria for us to work together:

You must be motivated to grow: While it's great to dream big and have a vision board, I'm a DOER and I only work with THOSE WHO DO! I'm not a counselor. I'm not a shoulder to cry on. I don't gossip. I won't accept excuses. I won't let you place blame or find scapegoats. You come to me with a solid idea, the ability to implement it, and the will to stay the course or don't click the button below.

You must be willing to commit to working hard together for 90 days: you will invest enough to both get my attention and force you to not only pay attention but to implement what I recommend you do based on our time together.

You must be personally earning at least $120,000 per year and your business must have top-line revenues of at least $250,000 per year with specific goals to double in the next 12 months: As I learned in real estate years ago, it's actually easier, smoother, and less hassle to buy a $1,000,000 property than a $100,000 so why not earn 10x for the same effort, so let's make big things happen fast because money loves speed.

Coaching Slots May Be Filled

To find out if I have any openings and/or to be put on the notification list if they are full, please add your name to the priority notification list below. (Because there are only a few spots and they fill up quickly–and usually take months to open—you'd be wise to put yourself on the list even if you’re only "curious" about us working together.)


I'm looking forward to working with you,




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