wes-schaeffer.png Hi, I’m Wes Schaeffer,

Creator of the Make Every Sale and The BETR™ Prospecting Programs. 

We’re facing a cancer. Salespeople, that is.

It’s an invasive, debilitating growth that leaves us unable to differentiate ourselves from our cheap knock-off competitors, helpless when faced with the price objection, and sidelined when our potential customers tell us they’d like to “think it over.” 

After months and even years of allowing this sales cancer to spread unchecked throughout our sales body and psyche we are left nearly comatose, apathetic, and some even clinically depressed.

With the explosion of social media combined with cheap technology and high speed internet connecting the world, the competitive onslaught is not just from a cross-town rival you could outsell at the annual trade show, but it’s a truly global attack that has created a race to the bottom that you cannot win.

Researchers have estimated that the amount of data created and sent hurtling towards our customers will increase by 500% by 2020. 

Today Facebook admits that “when the average person visits their news feed, there are an average of 1,500 possible stories we can show” and that’s just one platform.

Between 2014-2016, 98% of social media marketing investments have been focused on just seven platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

With each passing month we’re faced with a more distracted, less-focused prospect and confused customer base. It’s as if the salesperson is being rendered useless, redundant. And as we see this increase in digital communication and access to an avalanche of information, this sales cancer on accelerates in its growth.

There is a silver lining, though…

As salespeople all over the world experience the negative effects of relying on old school, high pressure sales tactics, thousands have already begun to turn the tides using a rare process and following a proven course to stop the sales-inhibiting cancer in its tracks.

Many of these sales professionals have grown their sales 10%, 20%, even 30% in their first month.

What you have to understand is that it’s not your years of industry experience, years of sales experience, or even your hard work and dedication that gets you more sales and income, it’s your technique.

So when you fix the underlying cause with the simple tactics I’m going to show you in this article, you free yourself to perform as the sales professional God intended you to be.

This decline in sales performance is not your fault,
but it is under your control…

On a Friday afternoon in February, 1998, I came home to my two bedroom upstairs apartment in Mobile, Alabama and faced my wife of less than three years who was seven months pregnant and our 10 month son and told them that after just six months on the job as a stock broker I was out of work.

Wes_kids_01.jpgBut I was a United States Air Force Academy graduate and a Texas A&M graduate with multiple securities and insurance licenses so I was confident I’d find a job in no time.

I was wrong.

After being forced to not only accept unemployment and, eventually and humiliatingly, government cheese and eggs, I replied to a classified ad in the Mobile Press Register placed by Sam Payton to sell mobile homes for a $365 per week draw against commissioned earned.

So eight months after being a Captain in the Air Force with an all-expenses-paid three bedroom home on the 10th tee box at Keesler Air Force Base looking out to the back Bay of Biloxi, I was working retail sales with a Formica® desk in a double wide trailer in Mobile, AL happy to have a job that paid $20 per week more than unemployment.

Within 60 days I had made more money than the Air Force would pay me in six months. By the end of my first 12 months on the job at Oakwood Homes there was nothing anyone could say or do to pull me away from a career in sales.

It’s this response to the “Help Wanted” ad in the classifieds in Mobile, AL that first showed me the true power of being a sales professional.

Yet just 12 months earlier I was depleting my savings, drawing unemployment, going on job interviews and being rejected because I couldn’t explain why I was out of a job after just six months (and taking my former employer to court)…

And we were literally picking up government cheese and milk and eggs to help stretch our savings out as long as we could. By then our second son was born, we were in a tiny upstairs apartment, and I was numbing myself by playing Command and Conquer on our Gateway computer and firing my resume off to hundreds of job openings on a 128k dial up internet connection.

To say I was “damaged goods” and “lacking confidence” would be an understatement. But I had books and tapes from all of the great sales trainers and motivational speakers like Tom Hopkins (whom I was honored to be able to interview on The Sales Podcast), Anthony Robbins, and Zig Ziglar.

Motivate.jpgI listened to the tapes, read the books, and continued plugging along, preparing for the future I knew I wanted and hoped was out there as a successful salesperson.

But after the two weeks of stock broker sales training, what I did know was that pure cold calling and old school high pressure sales tactics were both not natural for me nor were they how to sell in the fast-approaching technology-centered future.

After six months of “smiling and dialing” and “throwing enough stuff against the wall to see what sticks,” you become tougher, yes, but you also become jaded and cynical.

…And when you have a sales manager that can’t even remember your name, and a chain-smoking former Army sergeant drill instructor as your corporate sales trainer putting you through weekly live group grillings, you really start to question both the sanity of your choice to pursue a career in sales, while also coming to understand why everyone—literally everyone—has a negative feeling towards selling and anyone that calls themselves a salesperson.

It was that shocking introduction to old school selling in the “honored” field of financial services followed by my success in the “dirty” world of retail sales that made me realize that you could be a human being with compassion and patience and understanding and succeed as a sales person.

Now, right after my first successful year in sales I was offered a promotion to run my own store so I got to work on a few things:


I created a “how-to-start-your-day” sales routine that I’ll share with you later. This ensured I stacked the odds in my favor for every day I worked, and every prospect I met.


I created a “sales agenda” that I followed with every new prospect that walked in the door and with every prospect that requested an appointment. By setting the stage up front for how the appointment would go and sticking with it, I not only maintained control of every meeting, I proved that I was different than all of the other sales hustlers out there by “selling different.”


All of my research showed me that people don’t buy things, nor do they buy logically. They buy people—YOU—and your confidence and they make their buying decisions based on emotions and only later justify their purchases with logic that you help them discover.


This irritated me more than a little because my old-school hard closer financial services training didn’t address any of this…

The sales approach I was originally taught to follow was contributing to my lowered sense of self-worth and it made the sale more difficult!

But I digress…

By applying what I learned at Oakwood Homes and in my subsequent research and continued focus on self-improvement, I had made exactly $100,000 (or $146,093.25 in 2016 dollars) at the end of my first 12 months on the job.

Out of 2,200+ sales people nationwide, I was #26—in my first 12 months!

I was on my way to President’s Club.

My sales manager loved me.

My district manager loved me.

My regional manager above him flew in on the company plane to prove that he and the company loved me.

They paid for me to travel to one of their regional manufacturing plants and get a better understanding of how our homes were made and to make personal connections with upper level management in other divisions of the company.

You see, being a human being with empathy and asking people great questions and giving them time to answer fully and taking the time to listen helps you not only make friends and influence people that are potential customers, but it also helps you a welcome contributor at the office, at the company headquarters, and everywhere you go.

A few other things I noticed…

My wife was happier and more relaxed the more I learned that not only was I capable of being in control of every sales situation, but I was capable of being in control of every relationship in my life, and I took responsibility for doing just that…

And the best part was, so was I. I was waking up without an alarm because I had a sense of purpose and a feeling of confidence that I could achieve my goals that day and the growth in my income was DRAMATIC…

…I was able to save for the future, set aside cash for our rainy day fund, and invest in other ventures such as real estate, precious metals, franchises, and more.

Sales were coming faster, easier at higher margin, with less stress and I was having fun doing it and so were most of those around me.

I looked forward to speaking and meeting with prospects but noticed that not everyone was having the success I was having, and that’s when it hit me…


The internet changed everything. 

Then social media changed everything again.

Then the iPhone and smart phones changed everything yet again.

Now text messaging and live streaming are changing everything again again again again.

A simple example is the old “gift of gab” approach…

I’m sure you’ve heard it before—and maybe even said it yourself—that “oh you’re so good with people…you should be in sales,” or…

“You never met a stranger, have you? You’re so good at talking with people, you should be in sales.” 

Myth #1: You Have To Be a Great Talker To Be Great At Sales.

You've heard that “people buy from people they know, like, and trust,” and it’s true. However, trust is the most crucial component by 10 or even 100.

Case in point, we’ve all heard of the doctor with the terrible bedside manner but we go to them anyway because they are good, they are knowledgeable, they are thorough, and they are accurate.

Sure, all things being equal we’ll buy from the people we know and like as well as trust, but you better be trustworthy.

The way you prove that you are trustworthy in your recommendation to your prospective client is by listening.

In order to be a good listener, you must be able to control the conversation.

In order to control the conversation, you must be able to ask great questions.

And the definition of a great question is one that THEY CANNOT ANSWER!

People don’t change their minds due to your clever mental shenanigans but they will make a new decision based upon new information, which THEY MUST DISCOVER ON THEIR OWN!

We—you, me, and our prospects—discover what they need when they are asked questions they cannot answer.

Want to learn how to gain trust in every sales situation by knowing how to start and maintain control of every meeting? Keep reading…

As I dug deeper into how typical sales training is conducted, I realized it’s usually best described as “product training” and is run by the marketing and/or operations team instead of the sales team.

And so, I went to work…

I began learning everything I could about sales, marketing, advertising, human persuasion, negotiation, body language, personality assessments, and even cold reading and performance/entertaining.

Heck, I’ve even met with professional hypnotists and NLP practitioners.

After all of my study and on-the-job trials and tests on my own prospecting, selling, and entrepreneurial efforts, I found what worked and what didn’t. (As the old saying goes, your bank account balance is a direct reflection of the good and bad choices you have made! So there was no hiding what worked and what didn’t and what doesn’t.)

Here’s what I discovered as the 4 keys to the profession of sales, which you can begin doing now… 


4 Keys to the Profession of Sales

Key #1—Know The True Meaning of Professional Selling. Many years ago my sales mentor, Steve Clark, taught me the true meaning of selling in four parts.

  1. Selling is a calling.

  2. Serving is its purpose.

  3. Questioning is the process.

  4. A sale may be the solution.

The word “sales” is derived from the Norwegian word seji, which means “to serve.” Once you understand the true meaning and purpose and process of professional selling, you’ll not only no longer fear or loathe selling, but you’ll spring out of bed like an 8-year old on Christmas morning, excited to see what the day will bring. 

Key #2—Understand That Selling Is a Zero-Sum Game. I can hear you now, “But, Wes, you just said selling is serving and now you’re saying that it’s ‘slash-and-burn,’ ‘winner-take-all,’ ‘rip off the customer.’”

That’s not what I’m saying at all. What I’m saying is in sales, unlike in golf or any other professional sport, whoever wins the sale wins 100% of the commission.

In the 2016 Masters Golf Tournament, Danny Willett won by shooting 1.05% better over four days than Jordan Spieth or Lee Westwood, which earned him 204.5% more money than the two guys that came in second place. (But those second place guys still took home $880,000 each, or $220,000 per day of golf.)

Study #1: According to Jim Blasingame in his book “The Age of the Customer,” the tables have turned. No longer does the salesperson have control of the majority of the information about their product or service. 

Today, the customer may know more than you or, worse, they may be misinformed, confused, and/or overly-confident in their assumed mastery of your offering. Old school sales tactics and high-pressure closes don’t work when you’re meeting with prospects like this.

If your competitor is 1.05% better than you, you don’t even get a “participation certificate.” YOU GET NOTHING! You get worse than nothing because you spent your time and marketing dollars to try to win the sale, so you are out time and money.

So commit to winning it all. Commit to taking 100% of the market share. Commit to getting your “unfair” share and putting your competitors out of business.

Key #3—Listen to Eminem & Lose Yourself. After having back surgery, Larry Bird would prop himself up on crutches and shoot 500 free throws at 6 AM to stay sharp. Phil Michelson hits over 1,500 golf shots during practice with the goal of landing them within a yard of the target. My friend in the Navy SEALs (in the cover image of me in the wetsuit I’m completing a 3.1 mile charity swim with him for the families of fallen SEALs) they’ll shoot 1,500 to 2,000 rounds a day during what they call Immediate Action Drills.

Winners prepare to win. Professionals plan to win. The committed expect to win.

When’s the last time you cranked up some Eminem and lost yourself in the moment? What do you do to ensure you own the moment—every moment—in which you are in contact with your prospects and clients? This includes email correspondence, networking events, trade shows, on the phone, in person at your place of business, in person at their place of business, and even in the storied elevator.

If you only get one shot to make that first impression, to out-maneuver your competition, to win the sale and 100% of the commission, are you ready? Are you willing to do what you need to do to stay ready?

Key #4—Do. Become. Have. To this day I listen to Zig Ziglar. Going back to 1994 I credit his message with setting me on the right path towards personal achievement, sales, positive thinking, loving my wife, caring for my family, and more. Yet I take exception to one of his messages, which was “Be. Do. Have.”

In his message, Zig was saying that first you must become yourself, then act accordingly, and then you would have everything you wanted in life. But I think the doing leads to the becoming.

What I mean by that is you will not feel like a sales professional until you do what professional sales people do, whether it’s bang out cold calls, attend networking functions and get 5 or 10 or 50 business cards of qualified prospects, set firm appointments with key decision makers then show up with a mutually-agreed upon agenda, stick to that agenda and close the sale.

When you face your fears and implement and follow a plan to overcome those fears—the DOing—soon you will realize you have BECOME a professional salesperson, and it’s at that point you will realize you HAVE all that you want and need.

It’s this turn of events—this job and the way it taught me to sell—that showed me what it took to not only survive but to excel in the profession of sales.

Myth #2: Great Salespeople Are Born, Not Made

My first paid sales training client was an architect who was going out on his own and needed to learn how to drum up business one his own. He was detail-oriented, coachable, and willing to follow a proven process to achieve his goals. 

He killed it as a sales-oriented entrepreneur in my program!

Just_waiting.jpgThe difference between professional salespeople and amateurs is that the professionals take responsibility for generating their own leads and closing their own deals and with that responsibility comes the discipline to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to get the job done. 

They understand the importance of systems and processes, scripts and routines to stack the odds in their favor. 

Professional salespeople do not “wing it” or “shoot from the hip.” 

To become a professional salesperson in your own right, first write down what it will take to hit your annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly sales goals so you know what you need to today, then this hour, to reach those goals.

Happy_Wes.jpgIn a matter of months I went from a guy who was down and out, wondering if he made a mistake, to knowing I would be gainfully employed and capable of making as much money as I wanted or needed for the rest of my life in the profession of sales.

I even started a business and trademarked it—The Sales Whisperer®—dedicated to helping good people with good intentions become great salespeople who achieve great success in sales without being a jerk.

I crafted a way to prospect, to connect with receptionists, gatekeepers, executive assistants, and decision makers that anyone at any level in sales could use immediately.

A way that is honest, direct, non-manipulative and even fun.

The results were so good I was able to leave behind a corporate job where I was earning $180,000 per year and was confident I could provide for my large family on just my efforts and skills as a sales professional and professional sales trainer and marketing consultant.

Study #2: The vast majority of the great successes you’ve read in the history books and seen on TV are quite rigid with their routines.

From Winston Churchill to Warren Buffett to Benjamin Franklin to Beethoven, they all had routines they stuck to in order to “get in the zone,” which builds momentum.

The same is true in sales, where the #1 job of a salesperson is to prospect. To succeed at prospecting you must actually prospect, but that can mean different things for different industries, for different parts of the country, and at different times of the year.

The only way you’ll discover your most effective prospecting routine is to try as many prospecting efforts as possible throughout the day and throughout the year and track your results.

The first lead magnet, workbook, live talk, and CD I ever created as The Sales Whisperer® was called “The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling,” and the #1 sin was shooting from the hip.

Sir Richard Branson and Steve Jobs and even Gandhi are household names because of what I call the 6Ds—D.D.D.D.D.D—which stands for Daily Discipline Done Diligently Determines Destiny.

What are you going to do with the rest of your day?

When I told some co-workers and friends that I was going to start a sales training business that focused on being open and honest without being pushy or going for the “hard close,” they told me that training was a $171 billion industry and that it would be tough to stand out and make a name…

And... most of the sales books and courses you’ll find in the bookstores or online, are focused on forcing your way in, “controlling” the room through intimidation, learning manipulative, even hypnotic words and phrases to “get in the heads” of your prospective customers, and many—far too many for this day and age—still rely on old school playground bullying tactics that may sound good on paper or look good in a YouTube video, but I bet you wouldn’t want your wife, your mom, your sister, or your favorite aunt treated that way, would you?

Why do you think that is?

Let me ask you another question: who would you rather be, “The Wolf of Wall Street” who has a high-flying career based on greed, corruption, and manipulation and ends up in prison, or Mark Cuban, who made it by hustling, by doing the right things with consistency, and can now call his own shots and never has to wear a tie again?

Even though Mark Cuban is a great role model for all sales people and entrepreneurs, Jordan Belfort’s story is emotional, and emotion sells. So who gets movies made about them? The crook. It’s Bonnie and Clyde vs. Mother Teresa. It’s the larger-than-life jet-setters with $5,000 suits, $20,000 watches, $200,000 cars, and $10,000,000 jets who are womanizers, drug-users, and morally bankrupt.

I obviously said “thanks for your concern…it has been duly noted, now excuse me while I take my own counsel and follow my own dream.”

This immoral, dishonest, unethical style of sales training and business coaching has to be addressed!


We Can’t Forget About Our Morals!

What I continually hear from entrepreneurs and people in sales is that they “don’t want to be pushy or gimmicky.”

Build_a_career_on_your_own_terms.jpgI hear them (maybe you) talk about bad economies or bad industries or bad bosses…



Over the past decade I’ve discovered how to predictably and naturally connect with ideal prospects, differentiate myself, uncover the truth, and set firm appointments with decision makers.

Wes_Defines_a_Selling_Strategy.jpgWes_teaching_and_talking_Ontraport.jpgI’ve sold around the world, spoken on stages across the country, written books, and trained some of the largest companies in the world including Dell, on this very topic.

Since then I have made my own schedule working from home. I pick and choose the people I want to take on as clients.

My monthly residual income that is deposited in my bank account without me having to get out of bed is more than 300% greater than the median income in America according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

I’m able to travel when I choose, I have breakfast each morning with my son before he leaves for high school, I’m home for lunch and dinner most days as well, and I make all of my kids’ school and sporting events including their drama plays, soccer, football, and tennis.




A sales process based on honesty and integrity cannot prevent us from

The feeling of being in control, the sense of confidence, the lack of stress, and LIVING the benefits of being a sales professional is non-negotiable!

What’s great about this style of prospecting and selling I’ve created is that…

You don’t have to sell your soul or lie to your parents, family, and friends about what you do in sales because you can be the ethical and compassionate person that you are and succeed in sales!




This is why I created "Make Every Sale" program…

The World of Professional Sales Training Is Deteriorating Into A Cesspool Of Foul-Mouthed, Hardcore Closers and Nobody Cares!

Through TWO DECADES of study and more errors and trials than I can list in a month, I created the…


I’m tired and sick of hearing from professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners and entrepreneurs who are discouraged, upset, concerned, and even angry with their lack of results, yo-yo sales performance, and overall depressing outlook on sales.

I’ve been storing the prospecting and sales cure here in my computer. The cure that—even in this crowded, noisy, antiquated market—I felt compelled to share with you, my fellow sales pro, so we can bring an end to sleazy, pushy sales training and sales bums.

Our own profession isn’t helping us, so we need to help ourselves.

Our sales managers give us exaggerated quotas and bad or no scripts or prospecting ideas that work, and our marketing department gives us brochures and presentations that nobody wants to read. They actually hurt our ability to build rapport and trust with our prospects NATURALLY, so we’re constantly looking for a program and an approach that works!

They give us “big brother” tools meant to look over our shoulders at all times so they can cover their own rears, but don’t teach us how to use them to make a sale. Our working environments are filled with either well-meaning but inexperienced sales people who give bad advice, or cut throat, aggressive sales people who will poach and steal any lead they get a whiff of. What we need is a way to prospect, connect, and open relationships that lead to referrals, testimonials, and repeat sales that are natural and can be practiced for the REST OF OUR LIVES.  

Client Testimonial, Erin Chase, Founder $5 Dinners

Erin Chase provides a testimonial for Keynote speaker Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®.


Client Testimonial, Laura Wrasman, Owner, Wedding Guide Chicago

“Wes has become an integral part of our sales training. We met in 2009 and we have been working together ever since. His approach is very straight forward and has really helped my sales team and me gain more appointments, more commitments toward closing and of course more sales. I love when one of my sales people come in and say ‘I used one of Wes' tools today and it really worked!’ Thanks for all the help Wes, looking forward to next month!”

Jeff_Kirkland.jpgClient Testimonial, Jeff Kirkland, T-Mobile Major Account Executive

“Wes Schaeffer’s unique yet traditional approach at helping you reach your potential as The Sales Whisperer is very gratifying. With his warm, funny, southern down-home spirit, he really helps YOU ignite YOURSELF! He keeps in line with some traditional sales/mentor/leadership philosophy yet brings the unique twist of truly personalizing your plan for success!” Thanks.

Client Testimonial, Greg & Julie Alexander, Co-Founders of The Alexander House, San Antonio, TX

Testimonial on the effectiveness of The W.E.S. Method for speaker coaching and marketing training.


Client Testimonial, Tina Finn, Author, Consultant

“I would like to thank you for a giving our staff some rock solid training and truly "new" techniques in selling. I've sat in front of some of the best, from Tony Robbins to Tom Hopkins and I have to admit, I was skeptical. Boy was I mistaken. It was like you turned on a switch and through your entire presentation I was engaged. You made everyone laugh, you told pertinent jokes and you really brought it all together to align with our business specifically. It was definitely more than your typical hype and motivation. It really was a full session of new and dynamic techniques that our staff has put into place and as a result we have already seen an increase in sales.

 Client Testimonial, Philippe and Natasha Brouillard, Co-Founders Natasha Nutrition VI, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Philippe and Natasha Brouillard of Montreal provide a testimonial for the sales and marketing automation training provided by Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®, which helped them save time, money, and effort, which will help them grow their sales. 


Client Testimonial, Adam Pflaumer, President, Electronic Payment Consulting

I wanted to thank you for the instruction and more importantly for the results that you have helped me obtain. I have to admit that I was fairly skeptical prior to enrolling in your class. I had spent over 10 years as a sales manager and worked my way up to become the president of a sales organization, so I didn’t think I needed your class. Wow, was I wrong. After stepping out with my own company, with what I considered to be a no-brainer value proposition, I was struggling to provide services that literally cost nothing to use and can only result in a desirable outcome. I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in your class. I am glad I did. Since then I have completely changed the way I approach sales. I went from performing free services, just to get a reference, to having the luxury of selecting only the committed customers that I would be willing to work with. I have been through other sales development classes but I can safely say yours is the best. You provide specific actionable advice for my specific business and it has worked. The least I can do is thank you. Please do me a favor and email this to your clients and prospective clients. I would really like you to consider me as a reference for your sales class. If anyone doubts that your class won’t improve their performance, have them call me.

 Client Testimonial, RJ Palano, Founder & CEO, Buy Cash Flow Properties, Atlanta, GA

RJ Palano is a successful real estate investor but is hands off when it comes to technology. Wes Schaeffer was able to break things down into an easy-to-understand concept so he could publish his book to the world to help grow his foundation, which is his passion.

 Client Testimonial Sally Rubin, Founder, Park Rubin Media, San Francisco, CASally_Rubin.jpg

“You are practical, patient, no-nonsense, and have an amazing ability to get to the heart of the matter. As a direct result of working with you, I began to *see* what pieces of my marketing strategy needed to be put into place; and most importantly, in what order! I'd been trying to follow the advise of a lot of online marketers, but I was driving myself crazy implementing things that for which I simply wasn't prepared to follow through. We recommend you to anyone serious about building a solid foundation for their business.


The Make Every Sale Program: Your Complete Path To Selling More, Faster, at Higher Margin, With Less Stress, and More Fun


Make_Every_Sale_The_Book.jpgThe Make Every Sale Program: Main Workbook, a Guide to Optimal Sales Performance.

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√ Scripts for helping you feel at ease and even have fun when you are making outbound calls and setting appointments.

 A list of questions to help you handle the toughest of prospects and maintain control of the conversation. 

 Templates to help you set appointments and control meetings with qualified prospects. 

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…However, it’s clearly not for everyone. 

Why The Make Every Sale Program Isn’t For You




If, however, you ARE tired of your inconsistent sales results, you seek to serve people as a professional salesperson, you like being in control of your prospecting and sales meetings, and you like not only knowing how much money you’ll make next month, but you know it’ll be more than it was last month, then do what the sales pros do and take action!


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The other "dirty little secret" is this:

If you're the type of person who will jump into a course with the intentions of stealing the material and free-loading for even a day, you'll file a chargeback and cause me all sorts of pain and grief online even if I had no guarantee and you grew your sales 1,000%.

So this guarantee helps win over the stealers and the moochers while helping you honest, hard-working sales people invest with confidence and relax.

When you relax, you learn better.

When you learn better, you perform better.

When you perform better, you make more sales.

When you make more sales, you win, I win, and everyone in the group that is learning with you and from you wins.

So relax.

Invest with confidence and let's grow together.

 Client Testimonial, Dr Yvonne Maywether, MD, Culver City, CA

Dr Maywether appreciates the way Wes Schaeffer picks up not only the "big gotchas" that anyone can see but also the subtle nuances, the little things that everyone overlooks but picks up anyway. Grow your persuasion and communication skills with professional sales training, speaker training, marketing, and consulting from The Sales Whisperer®.

The more I learned and grew in my own sales and sales training abilities, the more gaping holes and debilitating flaws I discovered in the world of sales training, persuasion, and connecting with fellow human beings.

Not only that, now with the proliferation of smart phones and live streaming, any loud mouth with an internet connection can simply shout down the better, more effective means of connecting and making sales, which is accelerating our profession’s path to destruction.

I see a dire need in my own entrepreneurial efforts, and those of all of my clients and prospective clients, for a structured approach to prospecting, selling, bonding, and establishing trust and rapport that will show sales professionals how to effortlessly and naturally connect with their ideal customers. An approach that’s easy to follow, where you can actually enjoy selling the way it was meant to be, without resorting to tricks or sleazy techniques, that will yield better results. So this is what I created.

The Make Every Sale Program Is The Way 
Humans Need To Sell To Humans!

It’s time we call a spade a spade… 



Salespeople need easy, proven, current steps to follow that are fast to implement and can be easily followed.



We need to be able to sell in a way that fits our personalities, industry, and sales cycles, whether we are young or experienced, male or female, in outside sales or inside sales. So along with the Make Every Sale Program, I created workbooks, spreadsheets, templates, and multi-media content that allows you to print what you need and listen and watch on the go to both match your schedule and to be there when you need it to make the big sale.


I then created the Sales Training Flash Cards, that shows you how to address any brush off your prospects may give you so you have the courage and the confidence to begin your new professional sales training career because once you start doing what professional salespeople do, soon you’ll become a powerhouse professional salesperson in your own right, and then you can live and have what professional salespeople have.

I didn’t want to stop there, so I added the BETR™ Prospecting Program that takes you line by line how to open, engage, continue, then set firm appointments with qualified prospects who actually INVITE you to come over and meet with them!

Receive Annual Access For Just

One Investment of $1997/year (save $367!) or 

Just $197/mo



Client Testimonial, Naomi Rogers Twyford, Director, Be Phenomenal, Perth, Australia

Naomi Rogers Twyford has kind words for speaker coach, business consultant, marketing advisor, and entrepreneur Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®.

Here are more reasons why the Make Every Sale program is for you:

  1. You get to tailor the scripts to your own style. While there are scripts I’ve included to help you see, hear, and feel what it’s like to use a script and still come across as natural and not robotic, I encourage you—after you’ve used them for a while—to come up with new ways to open and connect with your ideal customers while using the provided ideas as your control group to measure against.
  2. You won’t have to memorize cheesy lines. The secret to professional sales is having the confidence to stand in front of your ideal customers and ask them tough questions with the goal of making them pause and reply with “Huh, that’s a great question. I haven’t thought of that. I’m not sure how to answer that question.” When you ask a question they cannot answer, the customer assumes you have the answer and will pay you for the answer.
  3. You get to have fun when you prospect. Look, I’m not some weirdo who loves cold calling, but I have served around the world in the Air Force and seen how the rest of the world lives and I can tell you that not only is prospecting not the worst job in the world, it’s your #1 job. However, with the tools and the scripts and the ideas and the approaches I give you in this program, not only will you fear no sales call, you’ll actually look forward to them because you’ll know the results you’ll achieve…a sale!
  4. You’ll have prospects actually invite you to come see them. This might have been the most powerful change I made in my business in 2006 when I was still selling technology to mid-sized companies and even the large enterprises. When I stopped acting desperate and telling prospects “I’ll be in your area next week” and started having real conversations with them that I controlled and proved I was different by acting differently, I was actually invited to pay a visit by the very top decision makers that had eluded me previously. Learning how to do that changed my life forever.
  5. You can stop doing demonstrations and sending endless information that never gets read. Closely related to the previous point, when you’re invited to meet with decision makers they don’t care about brochures and presentations or blinky blue lights on your new gizmo. They have big problems, and all they care about is if you can help them and they’ll decide if you can help them by how you engage and interact with them. Professional sales people take time to clearly understand the complete problem, all of the ramifications of the problem, and how much it is costing the customer before they even begin to make a recommendation, i.e. a prescription to their diagnosis. The more thorough the examination the more trust your customer will have in your recommendation.
  6. You’ll have support. I can’t tell you how many big ticket programs, courses, and mentorships I’ve purchased in the past only to find myself alone with a login and/or a shrink wrapped set of material and a credit card bill. Fortunately I’m stubborn and pig-headed and have seven kids, a wife, and a 110 pound dog to feed so I waded through these various toolkits and somehow lived to tell about it. That is not the case here. I was put on this planet to help professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses, their sales, and their incomes. You will have my cellphone (for EXTREME emergencies only), my email, and access to a private online community where we are all just a mouse click and a question away from being able to help you that day—often that hour—to ensure you have the support you need to grow on your journey to master the art and the science of making every sale. And you'll have access to the group and the course material for life!

Become Part of The Elite, The Proud, The Focused Sales Professional and Join The Sales Revolution NOW!

Receive Annual Access For Just

One Investment of $1997/year (save $367!) or

Just $197/mo


The Make Every Sale Program is meant for anyone in any sales role, be it inside or outside sales; complex sales or “simple” one-call sales; short sales cycles or long sales cycles; selling intangibles like insurance or software or if you’re selling tangible products like computers, furniture, or swimming pools.

Not only will you learn secrets that will help you unlock your true SALES POTENTIAL, but you’ll learn how to prospect, connect, and sell in a manner that will keep you energized and enthusiastic while you do it.

It’s a program that you can actually use immediately and stick with and continue using the rest of your sales career because you’ll be selling naturally and connecting easily with people that want and need what you have to offer.

Would you like to work less but sell and earn more? Would you like to go on fewer appointments but close more deals so you can have the freedom from stress and anxiety so you can do more with your life and spend more quality time with the people you love?

Would you like to finally know how to control any room you walk into during a sales presentation?

Would you like to be confident on the phone and via email when speaking with both key prospects and important customers?

The Make Every Sale Program is what you’ve been missing.

Are you ready to start selling like a professional?

This isn’t a simple booklet or audio series or cheat sheet for selling, it’s an immersive multi-media guide to prospecting and selling optimally for the rest of your life.

Answers from Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer® to your most frequently asked questions:

Isn’t cold calling dead?

Yes and no. Yes, the old school pure cold calling whereby your grandfather would literally knock on doors to sell vacuums or Fuller Brushes or encyclopedias has been dead since the internet come of age in the late ’90’s.

But in business-to-business sales, the sound of the human voice is just as persuasive and effective as it has ever been, maybe more so now that there is so much noise intruding on our daily lives. 

But you have to A) do it right, and B) research your ideal prospects quickly so you are making an “informed cold call” or a “reasonable introduction call” that makes sense. That will never go away.

What if I enroll in the Make Every Sale Program and can’t stick with it?

I created this sales program to help as many people in the profession of sales as possible. I’ve used these approaches, scripts, closes, opens, planning tools, and documents going back to 1997 to sell everything from financial services to high net-worth clients to small business owners to Google, Sprint, Dell, and many other large companies.

I’ve sold in person in Washington, California, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Hawaii, and a few more I’ll look up later. I’ve sold over the phone to customers around the world with software and consulting clients in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the U.K., South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, and a few more I’ll also look up later.

My point is that I don’t have a niche. I help humans sell to humans. I’ve helped architects and chiropractors and attorneys and authors and stay-at-home moms and Fortune 50 sales people grow their sales with the processes and techniques I’ve outlined and gone deeply into here in this course.

If you are committed to becoming all you can be in the profession of sales, you’ll be able to stick with this course.

What if my company won’t pay for this?

In 2005 I pre-paid for a 12-week virtual sales training course conducted by a sales coach that came highly recommended but I had never met. The course didn’t even start for 3-4 months but they limited the class size because it was an interactive course and since I wanted to get better I signed up early and paid it on my own because my company didn’t have funds for training like that.

It was a $600 course, which in 2016 dollars would be $937.53. There was no video. There were no audio files to download and listen to offline. There was no private Facebook group for continued, daily, real time support. There was no refund or money back guarantee. There was no lifetime access.

It was just good sales training by a good guy and I paid for it on my own.

And it changed my life.

And I owe no one or no company for it.

Success is your responsibility, right? 


Join The Sales Revolution. We’re Changing
The Way Humans Sell To Humans.

Receive Annual Access For Just

One Investment of $1997/year (save $367!) or 

Just $197/mo


If you have any questions, feel free to email Wes at Disclaimer: What the law requires me to say next is common sense, but common sense is not that common. The results I've highlighted on this page are not normal and may not even be achievable by you. Then again, maybe you’ll have even better results. Every sales person that enrolls in the Make Every Sale program will not get results like the stories I’ve shared above have. You have to put forth effort and take responsibility for your own discipline and focus while enrolled in this program. But you don't have to be a robot and give up your life and adhere to this like a new religion with your prospecting and sales efforts to see a benefit. If you want results like Adam, Tina, Sally, Laura, or Jeff, you can easily get them if you simply follow the plan I've laid out for you. I strongly encourage you to join us in this revolution!

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