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Does your CRM make you feel like this?

It should.

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CRMs make a lot of claims. But can you believe them?


"We're a truly all-in-one software for small business... except we limit your emails."


"We're the best SaaS CRM for the mid-market space... except we don't integrate with QuickBooks."

"We're the best sales force automation software... except our email templates are ugly and our web forms are not responsive."


"We're the best at email automation.. .exect our email builder is eight years old and the GUI will make you think it was developed in North Korea."


"We're the best CRM because we are totally customizable with unlimited fields...but we limit your web forms, the web forms are ugly, and you need to pay for a third party integration for workflow automation, email automation, and sales force automation."

Not all CRMs are created equal.


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Take the CRM Quiz


Who am I to recommend the best CRM for you?

Since 1994 when I was still in the Air Force stationed at March AFB in Southern California I've been working with contact databases. Back then it was literally life-or-death because we were verifying everything from vaccinations to equipment inspections to unit training and readiness for deployments.
Since 1998 I've used similar databases to track prospect and customer communication and since 2000 I've been doing this all online.
The only thing more confusing than the CRMs being developed today are the pitches and even lies salespeople will tell you in order to get you to commit for up to a year so you'll be locked into their CRM.
Not all CRMs are created equal, which is why I made and continue to update this quiz. It asks you the questions that are most important because it's the questions we don't know to ask that are usually the ones that end up biting us in the rear.
So take this FREE quiz with confidence and then review the CRMs it recommends in order from highest to lowest based on your answers and then let me know if you have any additional questions.
Good Selling and Happy CRM Hunting,

Your CRM shouldn't limit you.


It should unleash your business.


P.S. Do you already have the best CRM and are looking for the best CRM support?